The road to release - Part 2

Richard keeps sharing what lies ahead until the release.

Official word on DCS World

Richard tells you what's Combat Helo's official stance

It's Alive

Welcome to Combat-Helo and short update on UI changes.


The Road To Release Part 3 – Feeling of Flight

Flight Model

When Longbow 2 was launched mid 90s, most PCs ran fixed point math routines to maintain speed. It did a remarkable job of delivering a feeling of pushing a huge 12 tone machine around the sky in the day. Combat Helo was designed with a retro style in mind and we knew the game would be nothing more than a footnote in the history of PC sims. It literally is a footnote in some places. A chance meeting with Fred Naar gave us the opportunity to be more than that. A chance to include one of the more impressive and new techniques of flight modelling around. Fred's HTR or Free Flight Dynamics (FFD) method breaks down an entire vehicle into a finite collection of force elements. You sum it all up at the end...

The Road To Release Part 2

Looking at the work list, a small amount of slippage is likely, nothing significant. We've got some awesome new SAM and Radar assets coming (as eluded to in part 1). The new assets will benefit from extra AI work. The Rapier 2000 is an opportunity to work with the all-weather "Dagger" radar unit and missile launcher as a "composite" entity and flesh out the UnitData code so it can share alert status and target data. These are relationships that are not well defined in code as there was never a need to do so, until now. But a little more on this later. When Gunnery v1 is submitted to Steam, the early release feature set will consist of the ubiquitous free-flight mode for gunnery practice and a survival game mode. The Gunnery range was our answer...

The Road to Release part 1

For the past two weeks I've been working hard completing the heart of the Longbow weapon system, the Hellfire AGM Air-to-Ground missile systems. It has some accuracy issues I've discussed in the forums, minimum ranges present challenges to the shooter. Gunnery's ranges are mostly for cannon and rocket engagements and with only a few areas where AGM engagements make sense. Most of the ranges around the stage-point are too short for accurate shots with the Hellfire. Most games treat missiles as a simple function of position over time, I wanted them to be more like individual aircraft. As such they are subject to mass, inertia, external forces and they are sensitive to their own sensor update rates (which is down to how fast your PC can update). The latter part is bad as it leads to...

Hellfire away

We're on Steam Greenlight (Concepts)

If you haven't noticed (and we tried to keep it quiet to see what happens) we've started the process of publishing Combat Helo : Gunnery via Steam Greenlight. Gone is the hyphen, but here comes the colon. The response has been great, somehow we ended up at number 2 in the voting (for a little while). We've had a fantastic response from the Steam and Facebook community, a real surprise at how popular it was. We're still only listed on Greenlight as a concept however votes help visibility. So share with your chums, print t-shirts (no, don't do that, it's weird). Greenlight Games is currently only accepting completed games but this gives a developer time to build exposure and get valuable feedback on a game concept. So if there are things...

It’s alive!

Welcome to Combat-Helo dot com. The home of the ambiguous hyphen.

This is my first post but I'll keep it short. The first question I anticipated was "where's the BUY button"? We're still working out the details of how to move from our ad-hoc development cycle to e-commerce. We have forums on this site in development and will let you know when the doors are open on that using the usual channels via Facebook, Twitter and on Google+ for the two guys that follow us there. All future Combat Helo blog entries (did we forget the hyphen?) will appear here from now on. I'll copy some of the last blog post here for sake of continuity. (more…)...

Roadmap – 2014

Another down to earth post about the Combat-Helo road-map and release schedule (minus an actual date). We're going to adopt a rolling release schedule, as such we feel it's necessary to tell you what to expect and roughly in what order.

What is a rolling release?

A rolling release is a continuous development model. We release the so called 'early access' version of the software to respond to feedback and fix issues that inevitably crop up on a wide hardware footprint. Also it means you get some hands-on time before we roll out more features.

First, welcome aboard this FlexAir blog post. When we release the first version, this won't be the complete version as we're skipping traditionally important things like; infernal (sic) beta testing, quality control, pre-flight checks, maintenance, radar. All the things you'd expect even from...

Official world on DCS World

I see more and more requests for us to create the Apache Longbow for DCS World. For sake of clarity we thought we'd put out an official response.

For now, the answer is simply no. We talked about it, thought about it and started to look at what might be involved. In the end we had to draw a line and decide what we wanted to do.

It is not for lack of interest on my part. And I don't want to fully stamp on it as a future possibility (if we're here in 3 years time and someone still hasn't stepped up to build one). If someone with experience will take it on I'm sure it would be a superior study aircraft given the pedigree and changes in the Edge engine. We don't yet have the...

Happy Holidays

I somehow managed to hit "publish" instead of save earlier. I apologize for the curiously abrupt email if you are among those that elect to receive updates in this fashion.

Let's try again.

Yesterday I was in my living room having family time, up on our wall sized projector screen I was browsing YouTube for a number of classic helicopter games. These included DI's Apache Longbow, Gunship 2000 and Jane's Longbow. Since it's the end of the year and it's the popular thing to do a little retrospective, here's some Longbow themed naval gazing followed by a little project update.

Let the old games begin

Starting with Gunship 2000 from my old chums at Microprose. This was a sequel to Gunship, offering a choice of three helicopters, the Apache, Blackhawk and Cobra.

Gunship 2000 "Do a barrel roll"

I remember having...